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Moira Borja : Payroll Manager
Email: Phone ext: 10615


Angie Garcia: Payroll Specialist Last Names: A - COL
Email: Phone ext: 10627


Nellie Ramirez: Payroll Specialist Last Names: COM - GOM
Email: Phone ext: 10617


Vacant: Payroll Technician II Last Names: GON - MAS
Email: Phone ext: 10627


Sabrina Martindale: Payroll Technician II Last Names: MAT - ROF
Email: Phone ext. 10621


Valeria Garcia: Payroll Technician II Last Names: ROG - Z
Email: Phone ext: 10622


Marissa Lopez: Payroll Technician I Students and Tutors Payroll
Email: Phone ext. 10604


OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


LOCATION: District Office Fiscal Services - Building 600

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