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Health and Welfare Benefits

VVTA members working at least half-time are entitled to medical benefits through REEP. For information about your medical benefits, visit  my benefits  and you can email


For questions about other employee benefits (dental, vision, etc.), visit our help desk.

If you believe your rights regarding your bargained benefits have been violated, work with your site Association Representative.

Retirement Benefits

Retiring VVTA members receive retirement benefits through the California State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). For information about your retirement benefits, visit the CalSTRS website. 


CTA Member Services

CTA offers comprehensive insurance programs, discounts on travel and entertainment packages, and a host of professional and career development opportunities, including conferences, scholarships and trainings. Also available is a wide range of publications and other resources for your use.

Membership in CTA also means you get direct access to MyCTA, the CTA members-only website. Once you join, login to MyCTA to access resources and information available only to you. VVTA Members, please login into MyCTA on CTA’s website. Have your CTA Member card and/or individual ID number available.

Login to MyCTA, go to Membership Services, CTA Member Benefit Program, for a list of vendors.

NEA Member Services

Please visit the NEA Member Benefits Programs on NEA’s website.

Whether your needs are for life, health or casualty insurance, savings and investment programs, a home mortgage or a refinance, or a credit card or personal loan, put the collective buying power of 3.2 million NEA members to work for you. NEA Member Benefits programs are specially designed to help make members’ lives better.

Disability and Life Insurance

Auto and Home (Renters) Insurance

CTA Auto & Home Insurance Program – California Casualty

If you are a policyholder experiencing a financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, a
Customer Care representative will work with you to help based on your unique
individual circumstance.  Members in need of assistance should call  1-800-800-9410 or
visit to learn more about ways to save on premium
and additional help that may be available.

Legal Services

Members of VVTA are eligible for both work related and non-work related legal consultation.

Contact The VVTA Office at (951) 943-6414 for more info.

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