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Val Verde Teachers Association - Members

VVTA members have a voice in the decision making of our Association. This includes voting on a new contract, and electing officers and other governance representatives. Member input has helped new members adjust to the profession, to conditions in the District and to do outreach in the community for support of our schools. Our union is currently working on meaningful and effective educational reform. Teachers and other credentialed professionals are represented on District committees that affect our professional lives. These and many more activities are carried on by the Val Verde Teachers Association. The involvement of our more than 900 members is what makes us strong!

VVTA members receive the following benefits, which are not available to non-members:

  • Ability to shape and mold the Association through active participation

  • Ability to influence the direction of the Association with input and ideas

  • Voting rights to elect leaders, set policy, and ratify contracts

  • Access to trainings, workshops, and seminars

  • $1 million professional liability insurance

  • Legal services on both professional and private matters

  • Life insurance

  • Financial planning

  • Discounted car/life/home insurance

  • Salary protection

  • Leisure/travel at reduced rates

  • Scholarships

  • Disaster Relief contribution (FACT)

Current members be sure to sign up here to gain access to member only sections on this site!
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